Earth Atlantis Available Right This Second for the Nintendo Switch

Explore a Sepia-Toned Ocean World Today

Have you ever wanted to just dive into one of those gorgeous old 14th-century sketchbooks on the depths of the ocean and go exploring in a tiny submarine? Of course you haven’t. That’s an incredibly specific, utterly granular desire. Well, you can anyways! Earth Atlantis is available right this second on the Nintendo Switch.

Earth Atlantis

So, 96% of the planet is underwater and the machines have fused with the local ocean life to make some truly awesome hybrids. You’ve been tasked with exploring these ruins and torpedoing some mechanical fish beasts using one of four old-timey submarines. The aesthetic is reminiscent of those forgotten sketchbooks I mentioned previously. Return to those bygone days when we had no idea what was in the ocean. Actually, a lot of the briny deep is still sort of a mystery. Maybe this premise isn’t such a stretch, after all.

Players can either go on cool quests or eradicate the mecha-fish threat. There’s a wide variety of huge, horrendous bosses to take down and many cool-looking worlds to explore. Once again, this deep-sea adventure is out on the Nintendo Switch right this second. It seems like every week the list of amazing Nindies gets longer. It’s impossible to keep up with all these games. Check out the trailer! SO SEPIA.