Ridiculous DICE Glitch Returns in Star Wars Battlefront II

You’d Think Devs Were Lazy, Had They Not Tripled the Size of the First Game

The right glitches in games make memes for days, and that is definitely true of DICE games. With the arrival of the Star Wars Battlefront II beta, a wild long-neck glitch has appeared.

star wars batlefront 2 top

When it comes to jokes and video games, the two just synergize. When you get a jarring glitch like those we’ve seen in DICE games, it becomes a part of developer identity. Which is why battlefield veterans may remember this particular glitch that has resurfaced.  Back during the Battlefield 3 beta, the T-1000 suddenly started popping up, and then it returned in the Battlefield 4 beta. After the first time, it became more of an easter egg. Since the specific glitch has returned yet again, we have to consider if DICE is playing the comedian.

Here comes Star Wars Battlefront 2: Judgment Day

battlefront 2 long neck glitch


If you have participated in the Star Wars Battlefront II beta, it may be that you have seen this glitch. It was originally found on the Naboo map that highlight’s the game’s Galactic Assault Mode. Hope you’ve had some laughs with your failed siege.

Hopefully, the long-neck glitch proves the worst of tech issues the game has to offer. Players have one more day to make the most of the multiplayer beta, which can be downloaded on all platforms for free. If there’s one thing I can say after experiencing the gameplay, it’s that it definitely feels like a different game.The fact that DICE has tripled the size of the first and added a campaign only increases the wow factor.

Star Wars Battlefront II arrives on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 17, 2017.