Creepy Brawlers Is a Brand New Halloween Release For The NES

Super Spooky Battles in Perfect 8-Bit Fidelity

Holy crap, there are TWO brand new NES games being released today. While new games coming out on old hardware isn’t an event without precedent, it’s still rare enough for the old double-take. Creepy Brawlers is a boxing game where you fight classic horror villains using only a pair of big red gloves.

Creepy Brawlers

If you’ve ever played Punch Out! then you know what to expect here. There’s eleven different monsters to beat up in four different arenas. You’d think the stakes of a boxing match wouldn’t be that high, but they’ll probably eat you/your soul if you lose. So don’t lose. Easy, right? Surely you remember all your sick NES-style boxing moves from days gone by?

Creepy Brawlers is out on an actual NES cartridge, complete with that sleeve you remember (albeit a slightly nicer version). There’s also a soundtrack floating around, on cassette of course. Also, let’s not look past the music itself, which is pure, uncut chiptune glory of the spookiest variety. The game is out today, requiring only a Nintendo Entertainment System or its functional equivalent. You can order the game from Mega Cat Studios right here.


SOURCE: Press Release