Latest Clueless Gamer Reviews Shadow of War, Makes Fun of Voice Acting

Pokes Fun at Kumail Nanjiani’s Voice Work

We know Conan O’ Brien’s ‘Clueless Gamer’ segments shouldn’t be taken seriously, but they sure are entertaining to watch. In the latest episode, he invites The Big Sick and Silicon Valley star, Kumail Nanjiani, to play Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Things begin quite regularly with Conan flubbing his way through the game, getting brutally killed, and making fun of Orc names. It gets really funny, however, when they meet an Orc that is actually voiced by Kumail. Simply put, Conan can’t get over how out of place his voice is and how the game director didn’t even do any modifications or effects. If you’re looking for a good laugh, then it’s totally worth the watch.

While no one should be looking at Clueless Gamer for real reviews, we do think it’s a great segment that can spread interest in new games from non-gamers. On a side note, we’d love if Conan could tackle Super Mario Odyssey later this month.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War 1280

We actually reviewed Middle-earth: Shadow of War recently so make sure you read it before you pick it up on October 10th. Here’s a quick snippet:

“Shadow of War improves upon its predecessor in nearly every conceivable way. The story is more engaging and full of fascinating characters, the Nemesis System has been fleshed out to feel deeper and less formulaic, and all the additions to combat and progression are more than welcome. It may not be canon, but this is without a doubt the best game to take place in Tolkien’s expansive universe.”

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