Don’t Worry, Breath of the Wild’s Second Expansion Still Coming This Year

If Reggie Says So it Must Be True

Even if you’ve already put two hundred hours into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, chances are you’re still at least a little excited about the upcoming expansion. Unlike The Master Trials, The Champion’s Ballad still has no concrete release date. While this is a worrisome detail, Nintendo says the second expansion is still on track for a 2017 release. Awesome, right?

Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC second expansion

Well, to be precise, Reggie Fils-Aime was recently asked about the expansion and whether the release date for the associated line of amiibo was connected in any way. He responded that they “will shortly be announcing the date for that content, so I would not lock and load on November 10th.” That’s…. not as reassuring as I thought it would be.

To be fair, there have been times before where Nintendo tells us about a thing mere days before said thing is gifted to the world. There’s no reason to believe that this isn’t one of those times. We’ve gotten no whispers of delays from anyone in the industry, either. Still, ‘shortly’ isn’t quite as comforting a statement as a concrete date would be. Maybe they’re just waiting a bit longer to release said expansion, in order to prevent it from being crowded out by that Mario game that just came out?