Amazon Leaks the Price of Star Wars Battlefront II Crystals

The Ticket to Loot Boxes, Star Cards, & More

We are beyond the Star Wars Battlefront II beta, and it looks like the game is going to have microtransactions. While DICE confirmed there would be purchasable loot boxes, the pricing and the currency weren’t revealed. Well, the listing on Amazon gave us a look.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

According to the online retailer, “Star Wars Battlefront II Crystals” will range from $5 to $100. While the prices have since been pulled down, the actual listing is still up. As for what you can actually buy with this virtual currency, the product description says the following:

STAR WARS Battlefront II Crystals Pack* Use Star Wars Battlefront II virtual currency Crystals to purchase Crates, giving you a selection of new Star Cards, weapons, emotes, and other valuable resources to continue your Star Wars hero’s journey.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the system we saw in the beta will remain the same or see some tweaks. But an analysis from the mad gamer, Angry Joe himself, reveals that a player would have to spend thousands of hours playing the game in order to unlock all weapons. Otherwise, players have to spend real money.

The Star Wars Battlefront II beta offered no other way to progress in multiplayer aside from loot boxes. In other words, progression is RNG dependent. Thankfully, DICE listens to player feedback, and this may lead to a final product with less of a grind. Here’s to hoping.

Star Wars Battlefront II arrives for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 17, 2017.