Over 3,000,000 Fortnite Players Recorded in a Single Day

That’s a Lot of 100-Man Matches

Epic Games has been enjoying the limelight ever since Fornite: Battle Royale went free-to-play. With similar titles like PUBG solely available on Steam, people on PS4, Xbox One, and even other PC users have been hungry for the game’s unique style. And that hunger was no more obvious than yesterday, October 8th.

fortnite reveals xbox live achievements

According to Epic GamesFortnite: Battle Royale saw a total of 3.7 million active users in a single day. That’s not bad for a mode that arrived recently; granted, it is free-to-play. Goes to show how exciting it is. Furthermore, the game witnessed a peak of 550,000 concurrent online players. To briefly put that into perspective, that’s over 1,000 Battle Royale matches going on at once.

No doubt, Fortnite‘s PvP has benefitted from the addition of Duos, letting players partner with friends in the 100-man free-for-all. And since the game is still in Early Access, we should expect many, many more changes to come. As of right now, the team over at Epic are working on balancing/optimizing weapons specifically for PvP.

Not to say Fortnite’s PvE hasn’t done well. During the game’s week of launch, it witnessed hundreds of thousands of active players, beating Epic’s initial expectations. Therefore, you can imagine how much better the game will be once it officially launches. That said, Battle Royale has ways to go if it hopes to match the juggernaut that is PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds; Bluehole’s IP has witnessed nearly 2,000,000 concurrent users and has yet to reach consoles.

Remember to check back as the future of Fortnite unfolds. You can buy the game today for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, or download the Battle Royale mode for free. Until more info comes our way,

Happy gaming.