Tech Analyst Says the Xbox One X Will Likely Outsell the PlayStation 4 Pro

Michael Pachter Makes Another Prediction About the Success of the Xbox One X

Well known tech and gaming analyst, Michael Pachter, is at it again! After calling Microsoft out for high balling their Xbox One X pre-order sales numbers, he is standing by his prediction made about Xbox One X sales during E3 2017. Pachter believes that the Xbox One X will outsell the PlayStation 4 Pro!

Xbox One X console above

Back in June Jim Ryan, head of global sales and marketing for Sony, mentioned that the PS4 Pro was selling well. “It is way ahead of our expectations. As with PSVR, and I suppose in forecasting these things we haven’t done a very good job, the product is in desperately short supply. So that’s one-in-five under severe constraint.” As of right now, Sony has not released their sales numbers for the PS4 Pro, however they have stated that nearly 20% of all PlayStation 4 sales are Pro’s. The analyst from Wedbush Securities, Michael Pachter, stated in his latest episode of The Pachter Factor that the Xbox One X has the potential to sell approximately 2 million units, or at least 20% of the total number of Xbox One consoles sold. Taking to Twitter, Pachter clarified that while the Xbox One X will not outsell the PS4, but it will outsell the PS4 Pro. You can check out the tweet below.

The Xbox One X is available on November 7th, however if you’re looking to pre-order it, they are sold out. Microsoft has stated that the pre-orders for this new console have exceeded all previous Xbox console pre-orders to date. Just last week, Pachter called bull on this however, as he says Microsoft is just estimating pre-order numbers. Michael Pachter crunched some numbers and found that the NES classic, which sold a total of 2.3 million units in its lifetime is ranked 23rd on Amazon. Meanwhile the Xbox One X, which according to Microsoft has sold approx. 1 million units, is ranked 66th. It would seem that maybe the numbers celebrated by Microsoft aren’t exactly adding up. Regardless of the numbers though, the odds are in Microsoft’s favor as the Xbox One X is bringing new technology a whole year after the original release of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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