WWE 2K18 Career Mode Lets You Roam Backstage

Hopefully, You Can Wander into the Catering Area

Take Two just released a Braun Strowman’s worth of details on WWE 2K18‘s MYCAREER mode. First and foremost, the developer noted that they approached this mode by focusing on two features: story-telling with your created wrestler, and free-roaming backstage. On the latter, you’ll be able to get an interview with Renee Young or interrupt a rival’s interview with her too. As opposed to menus, you’ll be able to walk around the backstage. You can even meet your friends’ created wrestlers here too!
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When it comes to improving the mode’s story-telling, you’ll take your created wrestler to their Wrestlemania moment and beyond will allow you to walk two paths: Company Man or Fan Favorite. Essentially, you can become corporate heel or a fan favorite with the respect of the locker room. The Company Man has you being a kiss-ass for the GMs as you’ll ambush other wrestlers and squash any would-be heroes causing dissent to the regime. Eventually, you’ll get access to Vince McMahon’s office which lets you change the match card and get a title rematch too. For Fan Favorite wrestlers, you’ll be focused on getting the respect of the locker room which includes WWE legends by performing in five-star matches and putting out CM Punk-level promos. All that goodwill will net you the ability to customize your WWE Championship or Universal Championship belt.

Also, WWE 2K18 will sport a new promo system where wrestlers can use their gift of gab to get the WWE Universe cheering or booing:

“Last year’s scoring model was very rigid and made players feel like they had to make choices they didn’t want to make in order to get high marks. This year, rather than trying to score the highest value, we wanted to score players on promo cohesion. This means as a player, you’ll be able to pick the point you want to make while on the mic. After making that point, you’ll be scored based on how well you stick to that point. You no longer have to worry about if this is what you should say as a crowd favorite or a bad guy. Promo this year is about saying what you want to say and sticking to your word.”

WWE 2K18 is scheduled for a release on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch (!) on October 17th.

Source: Take Two