Fight Horror & Save Kids in the Vanir Project’s Nightmare Boy

A New Metroidvania-Style Indie – Hide Your Kids

Coming digitally to all platforms, The Vanir Project’s Nightmare Boy will bring childhood horrors to life in a new platforming experience. If whacky, dreamlike and dark pixel visuals are your thing, look no further.

Nightmare Boy

Join Billy and unlock the mystery of your new transformation into the character of Rolok. Thanks to the transformation, players can combat the strange creatures of the terrible dream. But it’s not just Billy’s dream; players must brave the horrors of nightmares imagined by ten other children. And the goal is to save those children while trying to return Billy to his normal self. Until then, you’re all trapped.

With Nightmare Boy, you can enjoy cartoon and pixel visuals with Metroidvania game mechanics. If you enjoy any of these faces, you may find a home with this platformer. Here are the main features:

  • Classic mechanics and playability that joins roaming, adventure and platforms.
  • Upgradeable character after defeating each final boss: double and triple jump, different magic attacks…
  • Graphic engine that mixes pixel art and cartoon characters, hand drawn, giving the game a 90’s arcade feeling.
  • Saving system based on collected jewels in the game. The more you save, the more expensive it gets.
  • Dark atmosphere, shady storyline; can you discover what lies beneath?

Nightmare Boy arrives October 25th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Since this is a new indie platformer, let us know your thoughts on the concept. Something you can get on board with? Comment down below.

SOURCE: Press Release