Retro Platformer Tiny Barbarian DX Comes to Nintendo Switch on October 10th

Ride Bees and Swing Swords Soon

Nintendo Switch’s indie library continues growing as Tiny Barbarian DX makes its way to the system on October 10th. The retro platformer with plenty of sword and sorcery will have a physical and digital retail sale of $29.99. Also, the first print run of the physical copies of Tiny Barbarian DX will have full-color instruction booklets and a PVC keychain of the loincloth-wearing hero too.The game will be a port of a 2013 Steam game developed by Seattle-based indie devs, Starquail Games. The title will also be featuring 2 player support too!

Tiny Barbarian DX

The press release from the publisher, Nicalis, notes that the game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. “I’m not saying I hate tutorials in video games,” says designer Michael Stearns, “but this game starts out by telling you the functions of two buttons and then sets you on a mountain surrounded by enemies where you will surely die.”

Looking into the game’s Steam page, the indie title, which began as a Kickstarter game, is still incomplete with two remaining episodes still on the way. The last episode dropped in 2014, but the developer has talked about the third episode’s progress. Unfortunately, the Steam’s own version seems to have gotten a price bump to match the Switch’s cost too at $29.99.

In any case, the game will finally see a complete release on Switch next month with a complete Steam version to follow.

Source: Press Release