Telltale Games Reveals That the Nintendo Switch Is “Perfectly Suited” for Them

According to Telltale Games, the Nintendo Switch Is a Perfect Match for the Studio

Back in July it was leaked that Telltale Games was bringing their Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman series to the Nintendo Switch. But how is the partnership going? In a new interview Telltale Games shares how excited they are about the Switch.

In the interview with MCV, the head of communications at Telltale, Job Stauffer, discussed the arrival of Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure on the Nintendo Switch, stating that the entire team was excited about this latest project. “We’re really happy about [The Complete Adventure on Switch], and we expect to see more of our games heading to Switch very soon, too.”

Stauffer also confirmed the order of games we will see arrive on the Switch from the popular studio. “The next game you’ll see [on Switch] after Minecraft may very well be the first season of Batman, as it’s still fresh in the studio right now, and we expect to follow it up soon with other titles like Guardians of the Galaxy and Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two.” In addition to the three titles we know are coming to the Switch, the executive talked about the future of the partnership and what games we can hope to expect will make their way onto the system. “No series is out of the question for us to bring to Switch. We’ll be examining everything and hopefully making a lot of fans happy.” 

Telltale stated that any series brought to the system in the future will require additional effort in order to get the content of the game to Nintendo’s standards. Using The Walking Dead as an example, the studio said they’re not going to rush to bring the earlier seasons to the console because they will need a bit of a boost to meet the standard. With that said, it looks like this is a partnership that will continue into the future, as Stauffer stated, “Plain and simple, the Nintendo Switch is a perfect match for Telltale. [Development has been] seamless and perfectly suited to everything that we do.”

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