Take a Musical Trip with Beat The Game, Out Today

Make Some Tunes and Cross the Dunes in this Weird and Beautiful Adventure Game

Worm Animation’s Beat The Game is out today for PC! If you’ve been waiting patiently for the chance to take a musical trip across a strange new world, collecting sounds and making songs, this is your opportunity at last to fulfill that incredibly specific dream.

Beat the Game video musical trip

Featuring the terrific musical stylings of Marc Houle, BTG combines a streamlined music maker with a bizarre, Dali-esque environment to create a most curious gaming experience. Rest assured, if discovering, mixing and adjusting a wide variety of sounds piques your interest this game will be a real pleasure to dive into.

The game draws a great deal of inspiration from Salvador Dali, mostly in the form of the world you explore. You’ll meet a host of fascinating characters in all sorts of bizarre environments, all in the service of the next great song. Collecting sounds? Holding impromptu concerts? Exploring an alien world? That’s all totally normal struggling musician stuff, right? Beat The Game is out today on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

SOURCE: Press Release