Middle-Earth Shadow of War Stealth Orcs Revealed in Dark Tribe Trailer

Another Sadistic Group of Orcs to Conquer

Today, Warner Bros revealed more of the maniacal ecosystem within Middle-Earth Shadow of War. More orcs, different combat styles, different ways to die. The latest trailer showcases the Dark Tribe and their unique stealth style of combat. See how they compare to the rest of Morder in the all-new trailer.

Another orc tribe means a different set of personalities within the land of Mordor. Each tribe comes with its own overlord, situated in their own unique fortress, and represents part of the newness as a result of the expanded Nemesis system. Unlike the rest, however, the Dark Tribe is liable to sneak up on you. Once you jump into Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, there will be more of them and the rest of orc culture to discover.

And speaking of discovery, if you missed any of the past trailers for orc factions you can find them below:

Additionally, you can review the online aspects of Monolith’s game: Conquest and Vendetta. Along with the fun of exploring a large open world based on Tolkein’s universe, players will find ways to compete against and assist fellow players.

Shadow of War Top

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War arrives for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 10, 2017. The game will support 4K graphics on the Xbox One X. Stay tuned for additional details as we near release.

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SOURCE: Press Release