Resident Evil 7 Story DLC Dated, Gold Edition Announced

Resident Evil 7 DLC ‘Not a Hero’ and ‘End of Zoe’ Revealed

Updated: Well, that didn’t take long. Capcom has officially announced the Resident Evil 7 biohazard Gold Edition in a press release that will, in fact, include the original game, Banned Footage add-on packs, and two new story episodes. It will be available on December 12th, 2017 and will be released digitally and for retail.

Below are descriptions for ‘End of Zoe’ and ‘Not a Hero’ and a new trailer:

End of Zoe is a shocking instalment of the Resident Evil 7 biohazard saga where players discover what Zoe’s fate will be. Players will face off against new enemies and explore new swamp filled areas.

The free Not a Hero DLC sees the return of Resident Evil fan favourite and veteran BSAA soldier Chris Redfield. Taking place after the horrific events that befell Ethan Winters in Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Not a Hero brings a brand new experience playing as Chris to face new threats not met in the main game. As a member of New Umbrella, Chris and team quickly set up a strategy to counter this latest threat. Will Chris once again solve the mystery of this latest outbreak and make it out of the plantation’s dungeons alive?

Original Story:

When players finish Resident Evil 7 and see past the end game credits, a tease for additional story content called ‘Not a Hero’ got a lot of people excited for more horror-inducing action. It was intended to release not long after RE7’s January 27th release but Capcom quickly delayed it indefinitely. Since then, it’s been pretty quiet on the DLC front for aside from the Banned Footage Vol. 1 and 2 that offered some new modes and mini-games.

Resident Evil 7

Now, according to the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly, the release date for ‘Not a Hero’ plus a new second story add-on called ‘End of Zoe’ has been leaked as coming December 14th, 2017. A Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition is also announced for Japan which will contain the base game, the Banned Footage DLC, as well as the ‘Not a Hero, and ‘End of Zoe’ story episodes. We weren’t able to find a confirmed release date for the Gold Edition but Gematsu is stating it as coming on December 24th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. More details will undoubtedly arrive from Capcom soon enough.

‘Not a Hero’ will be a free download for anyone that owns RE7 and will star everyone’s favorite Chris Redfield. It is heavily rumored that it will detail what he’s been up to during the events and may even run concurrently of RE7. The ‘End of Zoe’ add-on is the first time anyone has heard the name. Details from NeoGAF suggest that it will follow Zoe Baker after the events of RE7 and will cost 1,500 yen.

If we’re being entirely honest, we completely forgot that more RE7 DLC was coming. If this news turns out to be true (and we’re pretty positive that it is) then this is great for anyone who’s been itching to get back into this world. For those that haven’t played RE7 yet, then picking up the Gold Edition sounds like a no-brainer.