PowerA Bringing Some Super Hot Nintendo Switch Gear This Fall

PowerA Launching Campaign to Deprive Me of My Spending Money This Holiday Season

Was anyone asking for a wired Nintendo Switch controller? I absolutely wasn’t, but now that I know one exists, I must have it. PowerA is dropping a whole bunch of Switch accessories this holiday season, each one seemingly targeted towards my specific aesthetic sensibilities.

PowerA Switch Gear

The controller in question comes in either Mario red or Zelda black. Unlike most controllers made in the last five years, this one is wired. On the one hand, lame. On the other hand, the cable is 10 feet long, detachable and the controller is 30 bucks! Seems like a pretty fair trade off. This and everything else PowerA are releasing this fall is licensed by Nintendo themselves, hopefully guaranteeing a certain base quality level.

Other upcoming products include car chargers, game cart cases, hybrid system sleeves and a…. lunchbox. If neither Mario nor Zelda press all the right buttons for you, the company is also releasing a hybrid sleeve drenched in Splatoon 2 art. There’s also custom Joy-Con grips and screen protectors coming. Essentially, if there’s someone in your life with a Switch, maybe some of this stuff would go over well this holiday season? Here’s hoping that hot-looking controller functions on par with its aesthetic appeal. The various products have a staggered series of release dates, some of which are only a week away. Check out Amazon for some pre-order details.

SOURCE: Press Release