Plus-Sized Model Quickly Establishing Herself as Sexiest, Most Voluptuous Cosplayer Around

Mariah Mallad is Quietly Considered One of the Premier Cosplayers Around

Cosplay is an old and timeless art form. It’s one we have fallen in love with over the years and it’s why we share with you some cosplay every single weekend. Whether it be super hot cosplay from the Witcher or some amazing League of Legends cosplay, we search high and low for the best most eye-popping cosplay around. Last week, we shared with you our exclusive cosplay feature from PAX West 2017 and also posted a steamy video from Dragon Con. This week, we have a collection of cosplay from one of the best and most talked about cosplayers in the industry.

Mariah Mallad Cosplay 1

Mariah Mallad is a plus-sized model and professional cosplayer. While she has done various cosplay in the past (as you will see in this article) she is best known for her role as Mei from Overwatch. Take another look at her in action:

Overwatch Mei Cosplay

What makes Mallad so fabulous is that she is one of the few plus-sized cosplayers who has gained unprecedented popularity. One look at her and you can see why. She is gorgeous!

Mariah Mallad Cosplay 2

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  • Ashley Richmond

    She’s so gorgeous <3 We love you momokun! Congrats on the article!

  • Brisanon

    I have nothing against people of different body types however Momokun mainly appeals to sad people who are desperate for her attention. And it may be because she takes “lewd” photos of herself and sells them on patreon. Mainly they are her almost naked getting one breast grouped by the cameraman while she stares into the camera with dead eyes.
    Honestly I would prefer a role model for body acceptance that doesn’t edit her photos like photoshopping cellulite out. If I recall she gets angry at people who post their own they took with her at conventions because they haven’t been photoshopped.
    tl;dr Nothing wrong with being plus sized but just being so shouldn’t automatically make someone a rolemodel.

  • Jennifer McWilliams

    Momokun is not a good role model.
    She may be pretty and plus size, but it has been increasingly obvious her character is being brought into question.
    A quick google search can bring you many faults and accusations.
    As a plus size cosplayer myself, we deserve better role models to represent us.

    • BDJ

      I’ve read some of her material regarding her questionable character and it seems like piles of hate more than anything. Not saying there’s nothing substantiated, but it makes me wonder if it was taken in the right context?

      It’s disappointing to see someone who had an opportunity to be a voice for change end up drinking her own Kool-Aid and then pulling the old Jekyll and Hyde routine.

      If even half of what was said and alleged is true, it paints a pretty bleak picture of her and it wouldn’t surprise me to see her star dim to barely lit.

      • Jennifer McWilliams

        Sadly there is just a lot of blatant hate. It seems that with the defamation of character comes those who are using it as a soapbox to promote fat shaming and sex shaming.

        • BDJ

          Well yeah there’s a lot of that too, but after poring over some of the material that was posted, she does bring a lot of undue attention her way by her own hands an design. Not like people are providing these things on their own. They’re just screengrabbing and quoting her own posts.

          Hard to argue with your own words…

          But yeah, a lot of them take the point and drive it home, and then add some of their own special stank to it by including fat shaming and such rubbish.

  • BashXIII

    Maybe very sexy and voluptuous. But she would definitely win the most obnoxious and most dishonest cosplayer award.

  • BDJ

    Her alleged lipo would’ve been a moot point if she had simply admitted right from the start that this is how she lost her weight. When you LIE to your fanbase, your credibility takes a hit big time.

    Like certain people claiming they “invented the internet”, for example.

    An ex once told me, “The lie isn’t the bad thing – it’s remembering what lie you told, and to whom.” True words. Had she just been open about how she got from A to B instead of making up some fantasy, “They’ll judge me less if I…” kinda angle, she’d have been better off.

    It’s sad when you see people with such promise drinking their own Kool-Aid and then ruining what trajectory they had. That’s her for sure. She was becoming meteoric and then all this happened and now it’s all teetering on the fence.

    It was her “career” to lose, and it seems her actions and choices will take her there sooner than later.

  • shima

    People care too much about what other are doing while not doing anything themselves. Why do people always need some one to look up to. She looks good enough. I’m not gonna knock down her door to get her. hmm i wouldn’t do that for any woman really.

    A woman that i can have a good conversations with would be awesome, its so easy to get into that ” I’d smash. ” mentality