Analyst Michael Pachter Says Xbox One X Pre-order Success is BS

Selling Fast but Not Selling Many, Says the Analyst

The gaming and technology analyst for Wedbush Securities, Michael Pachter, recently claimed Xbox One X pre-orders are being extrapolated by Microsoft. Back when pre-orders went live during Gamescom, the company claimed that the Scorpio Edition sold out on the first day. As a result, it has become the fastest-selling console pre-order to date.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

However, Microsoft’s choice of words has steered Pachter the wrong way. According to him, it’s unlikely many consoles were pre-ordered, and the idea of the ‘fastest-selling’ console rings hollow when he brings data to the table. He went into detail in his latest episode of “Pachter Factor.” You can even say he was downright cynical by saying only “a couple” were likely pre-ordered.

“On that topic, Xbox One X is ranked on Amazon in the pre-orders a year to date, last I looked number 66,” said Pachter. “I believe the NES Classic was at number 23. It sold 2.3 million units lifetime, and you know that the bulk of those units were sold last year, so this year maybe a million, so if Xbox One X is ranked 48th below that, it`s not even close to a million, and of course the Amazon allocation is probably five or ten thousand units, so don`t fall for the bullshit that comes out of Windows Central that tells you that this is the fastest pre-ordered console and Xbox history. They only have a couple. The original Xbox didn`t have big pre-orders. The Xbox 360, maybe, but honestly, who was pre-ordering consoles back then, so of course this is the most pre-ordered, because they are much more organized, and they`re marketing to an install base of 30-35 million Xbox Live Gold members, so of course they`re heavily pre-ordered.”

Later on, Pachter apologized to Windows Central senior editor Jez Corden via tweet: “I apologize to @JezCorden and WindowsCentral. They did nothing wrong. My “500 units” AMZN claim was poetic license intended to mean “small”.

If you are more optimistic Pachter, it’s plausible that Amazon saw several thousand Xbox One X pre-orders. Simply put, however, there hasn’t been enough activity to consider it a success. At most, Pachter projected the powerhouse console would sell one-million units by the holidays

What are your thoughts on Xbox One X pre-orders? Do agree with Pachter’s projection? Let us know in the comments below, where you can find the full episode of Pachter Factor.


  • Kevin Caldwell

    He’s just upset because it’s already more successful than the PS4 Pro, which is number 93 on that top selling list… and that’s racked up millions of unit sales throughout the year, but the Xbox One X already beat it in just one day…

    • Josiah James

      And where do you get that information? Do you have the sales figures for the PS4 Pro? You do not, unlike Microsoft who is all too happy to boast, when they can, Sony has no need to put out sales figures, we already know the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One over 2 to 1, that’s almost 40 million more players on PlayStation.

      • Kevin Caldwell

        Sony themselves stated that 20% of all PS4 sales are the Pro… 20% of 60m is 12m, or if they only mean the last year, probably around 4m. Trust me on this, you want the Xbox One X to do well. You want it to do well because it’ll make Sony try harder. You don’t want an outright winner, it’s not good for us, the consumer… companies take the p*ss when they are ahead. Just look how arrogant Sony are being right now with cross-play. No they don’t have to do it, but their customers would be happier if they did.

        • Josiah James

          Fair and accurate point sir. And your right again, I wish they would do cross-play, but they of course wont, because they don’t need to. I thought they learned their lesson after the PS2 Era about getting cocky. Any way, I hope Xbox 1 x does do well, like you said. It promotes competition to not be lazy. The only way I see Xbox doing good at this point is to put out some new games, so far they’ve been fairly stale in that department.

  • Living While Alive

    He’s mad because he was wrong. He’s eating his own fucking words

    • Kevin Caldwell

      Yes he’s since turned around and said the Xbox One X will sell at least 1m units at launch. I thinks someone might have pointed out the PS4 Pro has sold around 4m in the last 12 months, and it can’t have sold that badly in the USA.

  • Josiah James

    He’s not wrong, makes perfect sense. “fastest selling console preorder” is fairly vague, since, like he said, you can only compare it to the 360 which who was pre-ordering consoles back then, and the Xb1. So really the Xbox Scorpio had a 50-50 chance of either being the fastest selling, or not.

    • Kevin Caldwell

      it’s still higher on Amazons sales ranks than the PS4 Pro, which has sold at least 4m units in less than 12 months…. so it does make you wonder what it’s at.