Here’s a Speeding View of the Open World in Need for Speed Payback

A Racing Game for the Explorative Player

EA Games wants to introduce you to the biggest open world in a Need for Speed game yet. With Need for Speed Payback, it’s become about more than the races. If Vin Diesel were narrating this, he’d say something profound about fuel in our veins and racing as a way of life (and probably something about family). Well, there is that and more.

Need for Speed Payback

Here’s a view of the open world as presented in the latest trailer for the latest installment developed by Ghost Games. In addition, we get a brief look into how we can craft our personal rides for the ultimate experience. Enjoy.

As detailed in a press release, Need for Speed Payback offers a world filled with quests, shady deals, and gambling opportunities. There are events and collectibles to entice your driving skills, but you may have to adjust to the various courses scattered throughout the gigantic map. We’re talking jagged drifts on Mountain Providence and the demanding races of Silver Rock. Although, if you really want some fun in the sun, there are the badlands of Liberty Desert. This is just a fraction of what the explorable world has to offer.

“Show off your skills by conquering the infamous Street Leagues, find Derelicts and take your car from scrap to stock to super car, or focus on tuning up and customizing your own dream ride – there’s something for everyone in the biggest open-world Need for Speed has ever had.”

Need for Speed Payback arrives November 10, 2017, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Be sure to check back for more updates as they arrive.

SOURCE: Press Release