Shadow of War’s Latest Batch of Orcs Manipulates Monsters – New Trailer

Here’s How the Orcs Will Throw Beasts in the Player’s Face

Monolith Studios has something new for every show of force in the world of Middle-Earth Shadow of War. In the latest gameplay video showcasing their orc ecosystem, we get a look at the Feral Tribe – A band of orcs who specialize in taming beasts, and there are a lot of beasts. Catch a glimpse in the trailer below.

Since Middle-Earth Shadow of War has more monsters than the previous installment, it gives players more ways to get around the open world. As always, you can take control of virtually any beast. Moreover, the character of Talion is more mobile than before as a result of his new powers. Luckily, this world is a lot bigger and more beautiful than Shadow of Mordor.

Shadow of War Top

Experience Shadow of War on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 10. Alternatively, you can experience it on stunning 4K once the Xbox One X arrives in November.

To discover coverage of the previously revealed tribes, you can check the list below. As an added perk of the game’s online component, any nemesis that kills you can be killed by an online friend, thanks to Vendettas. And as we approach October, expect even more details pertaining to the hordes and characters of Mordor.

SOURCE: Press Release