Nathan Fillion, the Man Behind Cayde-6, Shares His Favorite Destiny 2 Class and It May Surprise You

Nathan Fillion Reveals His Favorite Destiny 2 Class

Nathan Fillion, is a huge name within the gaming industry, due to his voice work in a variety of video games over the past few years, and is an actor largely known for his roles in Firefly and Castle. Well, the man behind the voice of the humorous hunter, Cayde-6, has recently revealed his favorite class in Destiny 2, and you may find it surprising!

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Although Nathan Fillion brings the popular Hunter to life, it turns out that he actually prefers playing Destiny 2 as a Warlock. He posted a picture of his account to his Instagram, and it seems he’s more than just a casual player. Boasting a 280 power level, a bunch of engrams, and some serious gear, his Warlock is definitely looking great. Of course, he captioned the post in a comical way, which is no surprise for anyone familiar with either his character, or previous work. You can check out his Instagram post below.

Dear @DestinyTheGame, I’m just saying. #Destiny2

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As you can see from his post, if we take stock of his Skull of Dire Ahamkara, it looks like Nathan Fillion prefers the Voidwalker subclass for his Warlock. Of course, it looks like he has gotten some great drops as well. Is it just me, or has he modeled his Guardian after Cayde-6?

While it is common for the actors to play the games they’ve helped create, it is safe to say that Nathan Fillion has put more than just a bit of time into it. Like the rest of us, he has grinded his way to that 280 power level. With that said, thankfully this is not as difficult to do as it was in the original Destiny game. Right now, even though the maximum power is 300, anything over around 265 takes more than a bit of time to do. Hats off to you good sir, you’re making those Warlocks proud!

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What is interesting is that the Warlock seems to be a bit more popular than some have realized. Not only does Fillion prefer it to his own Hunter class, but Lance Reddick, the voice behind Commander Zavala prefers it to his Titan class as well. Maybe we will soon find out if Gina Torres, the actress behind Ikora Rey favors her own Warlock class as well, or if she likes one of the other two better.

What do you think about this? Which class do you prefer and is it the same as the original Destiny? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!