Humble Bundle Gets Big Publishers for Charity Event; The Humble Tri-Publisher Bundle

Humble Tri-Publisher Bundle Donates to Various Charities for Deals

Today, SEGA announced a collaboration with two leading Japanese video game publishers, Capcom and ATLUS, to create the pay-what-you-want Humble Tri-Publisher Bundle. The bundle features a range of PC fan favorites and notable titles from all three publishers. The retail value of the bundle is $216.88 in total, but only costs $12 minimum for the lot.

In collaboration with Humble Bundle, all three publishers are supporting multiple charities for this exclusive bundle, including:

World Wildlife Fund – World’s leading independent conservation organisation charity.
Games Aid – Video games industry-based charity that distributes funds to a diverse range of charities.
Access Sport – Charity whose mission is to give more children access to a wide range of quality inclusive sport.
Special Effect – Charity that creates custom built technology to help people with physical disabilities play video games.

humble tri-publisher bundle

The Humble Tri-Publisher Bundle features 12 classic titles from the SEGA, Capcom and ATLUS video games catalogues. Buyers who pay $1 or more will receive the following:

Rollers of the Realm
Zeno Clash 2
Sonic Adventure 2
Bionic Commando
Citizens of Earth

Buyers will also receive the following titles if they pay more than the average bundle price:

Renegade Ops Collection
Sonic Generations Collection
Resident Evil 4
Dead Rising
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

Pay $12 or more and buyers will also get:

Motorsport Manager
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
SEGA is also giving all buyers who beat the average bundle price the opportunity to claim coupons for 50% off Dawn of War III, 50% off Street Fighter V and 66% off The Deadly Tower of Monsters. They’ll also receive a one-time-use 50% off coupon for a previous SEGA, ATLUS or Capcom title on Steam.