Awesome New Content Coming to Final Fantasy XV Next Month

Multiplayer with Original Characters Coming to Final Fantasy XV in October

Final Fantasy XV‘s long-awaited multiplayer expansion, Comrades, now has a release date! Players will be able to dive into the brand new content on October 31st, complete with original characters.

Final Fantasy XV new content comrades multiplayer

The whole expansion takes place in the huge ten-year gap at the very end of XV. Noctis has just vanished into a… crystal? Yes, that sounds right. It’s up to you and your Kingsglaive buddies to keep humanity alive in the darkened hellscape which was your homeland. There will be quests and killing and crazy powers. Specifically, powers borrowed from various Lucian kings. Which was Noctis’ thing, right? Really curious to see how the game explains four randos being able to use a similar suite of powers, despite being of common lineage.

The trailer is embedded below. You get a reasonable look at what the expansion has to offer, along with new music from Nobuo god-damned Uematsu. Better known as the man behind every good Final Fantasy song, it’s just lovely to hear him composing for the series again, even if it is just the one track. Access to the expansion can be secured through an individual purchase or by grabbing the season pass. I look forward to the insane characters designed by players almost as much as the expansion itself.

SOURCE: Press Release