Final Fantasy XV Director Confirms Fate of the Four Bros and Hints at Future DLC

Some Serious Final Fantasy XV Ending Spoilers Ahead

Turn the Regalia back if you’re still meaning to finish the bro’ad trip, Final Fantasy XV, as Kotaku’s resident JRPG and press sneak fuck, Jason Schreier, has the scoop from the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, on the definitive status of the four friends after the game’s big finish. One last chance before we go into full spoiler mode after the jump.

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Final Fantasy XV fans can now rest assured: Ignis, Prompto, and Gladio are alive. In the game’s ending, the three fought off swarms of demons to let Noctis complete his mission which included sacrificing his life. It wasn’t clear if the three bros were still alive, but Tabata told Schreier that they are alive while Noctis remains dead. The director added that we likely won’t see them again in DLC that takes place after the game. While they’re among the living that Noctis saved, Tabata shared that their ending is more bittersweet.

“Obviously it’s very hard to pinpoint what exactly makes a certain person or character happy,” Tabata told Kotaku, speaking through a translator. “The fact that they were a party of four and one of the party is no longer there, it’ll probably be hard to say that they’re fully happy. That said, they needed to do what they needed to do, so they had that sense of purpose. And I’m sure they’re very proud of what they’ve achieved and what they’ve overcome. So in that sense maybe that overlaps with how we feel towards the game itself.”

With Episode Ignis out this December, Tabata also dropped hints that the next batch of DLC may focus on Ardyn and Luna. Hopefully, they’ll eventually they’ll get to Episode Aranea. Beyond that, Tabata also talked about having an endpoint for the game’s content. After finishing that, they’d like to move on to a new IP on the next generation of consoles.

Final Fantasy XV is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and is coming to PC in early 2018.

Source: Kotaku