Destiny 2 Getting PS4 Errors, Crashes And “Cabbage Errors” but Bungie Is on It

Destiny 2 Hampered by Bugs, But Bungie is On It! 

Yesterday, we told you about the first expansion for Destiny 2 that had been leaked by the Xbox Store. Today, Bungie announced on Twitter that it’s currently investigating several Destiny 2 issues. More specifically, the issues on PlayStation 4 include Cabbage error codes and crashes. Bungie has updated its list of known issues to add some commonly reported problems that players have been experiencing across all platforms.

Here is a rundown of the issues and that includes the new ones:

Emergent issues:

Cabbage Errors: We are investigating player reports of CABBAGE error codes. For specific updates on this issue, please stay tuned to this thread:

PS4 Pro Crashes: We are aware of reports of some PS4 Pro players encountering crashes and are working with our partners to investigate the issue.

Pre-Order Items and Content Packages: We are aware of player reports describing some items not being granted to players who believe they are eligible for access. We are working with our partners to determine the behavior of these content packs, and identify any issues which may be occurring.

Destiny 2


Mida Mini-tool: We are actively investigating an issue where Mida Mini-tool is not properly sent to Postmaster. When completing the “Enhance!” Quest, please ensure you have multiple inventory slots available in the Energy Weapons category to prevent this issue from occurring. Other destination Quest rewards, such as the Man O’ War Linear Fusion Rifle, may be similarly affected.

User interface:

Interrupted Gear Dismantling: Gear dismantling is interrupted when Destiny 2 detects input from another button on the controller. Players with stuck/sticky buttons, drifting thumbsticks, or intermittent wireless connectivity from their controller may be perpetually interrupted when attempting to dismantle gear. Players who believe they are encountering an issue that is preventing them from successfully dismantling their gear should ensure that their controller is in good condition and is functioning properly.

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