Daisy Joins Super Mario Run in Latest Update

Super Mario Run Gets Some Love as We Wait for New Donk City

Earlier this week, Nintendo unveiled the first big update to Super Mario Run that brings Daisy along with some new features that will give curious players plenty of reasons to jump back into the title.

Super Mario Run Daisy
Image credit: Nintendowire

The biggest is the new “Remix 10” mode. This new mode randomly stitches together ten Courses played at high speed with each Course lasting a few seconds to complete. The kicker is that as soon as you complete one Course, you’ll immediately begin the next, even if you died. It’s also here that you can find and rescue Daisy too when you play through the randomly-generated mode long enough. As an unlockable character, Daisy comes with a double jump ability to bring Super Mario Run’s roster to a decent seven (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette).

Besides the new mode and Daisy, the new update also gives players the new Star world, which features nine new Courses. Last, but not least, players can finally listen to their own music while playing. Nintendo even added a cute touch as the character you’re playing will wear a tiny pair of headphones.

While Mario’s official debut as a mobile game probably didn’t hit the heights that Nintendo expected, it’s nice to see Nintendo give a lot of care and thought into this update.

Super Mario Run pushes on with this huge update and is currently at half the price for iOS and Android.

Source: Nintendo