A First Look at Code Vein’s Deep Character Customization

Similar to Creating Your Own Anime Character

Bandai Namco is delivering more info for the upcoming Triple-A title, Code Vein. Over time, we’ve received snippets of the game’s world and combat, but now we’re getting a look at its elaborate character customization, and there’s quite a bit of detail.

The number of options in Code Vein’s character customization truly allow you to personalize your character. Virtually every part of the body can be transformed to suit preference. There’s height, girth, eyes, hair, skin, basically, everything an RPG player could hope for. Not only the body but the clothes as well. According to Bandai Namco, the “inner clothing” worn by the player can be detailed in various ways. However, with new armor (veils), players will pick up attire to wear over their customized clothing.

Devs also revealed a bit more about the story of Code Vein. Apparently, many of the in-game monsters were once vampires like the player character. With that note, the game is sounding more like Bloodborne. It has already been termed “anime Dark Souls,” thus making us contemplate whether Miyazaki had a hand in the design. But unlike its predecessors, Code Vein lets you travel around and enter combat with NPC companions. It’s all detailed in our past coverage.

The customization video can be found below, courtesy of IGN First.

Code Vein is arriving for Xbox One, PS4, and PC sometime in 2018. Remember to check back as we deliver updates and a potential release date. For now, feel free to tell us your thoughts on the game so far. Comment down below.