Bungie Removes Destiny 2 Gauntlets Because of Hate Symbol Similarity

Who Knows What Owners of the Gauntlets Will Think

You ever try to draw a cool symbol on a piece of paper only to realize it’s not what you expected. As a matter of fact, it turned out to look quite racist? That seems to be what Bungie is going through right now with Destiny 2. Apparently, one of their designs for a pair of in-game gauntlets ended up looking like a hate symbol.

destiny 2 gauntlet removal

The pair of gauntlets “shares elements with a hate symbol” was Bungie’s exact wording.The markings were too reminiscent of the Kekisten flag, a symbol of an alt-right group. While the symbol doesn’t appear intentional at all, and it looks like an easy thing to fix, Bungie was still apologetic in their tweet.

As for the exact meaning behind the Kekistan flag, it has a long and odd history of perversion to mean what it does today. And it’s present purpose is to promote white nationalism and racism. Thus, you have the alt-right Kek.

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons followed up with a tweet supporting the action, adding that Bungie supports its diverse coworkers and gamers of all backgrounds.

What are your thoughts on the removal of the Destiny 2 gauntlets? Do you agree that they look too much like the Kek symbol? Comment down below.