Randy Pitchford Says the Wait for Borderlands 3 Will Be Worth It

So Why the Long Wait for Borderlands 3?

Although Borderlands 3 has not been officially announced by Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, studio president, has previously confirmed its existence. Now, after months without any news about the latest game, he explains why the wait has been so long for Borderlands 3.

borderlands 3

In a recent interview with IGN, Randy Pitchford discussed why there is such a long wait between Borderlands 2 and the third game of the series. He referred back to the Pre-Sequel, explaining that it will be very different from the next game. He said while he loves the Pre-Sequel, Borderlands 3 will signify a “really big, worthy” step forward for the series. “And so, if we’re going to do one, it’s going to be that, and that’s not something that you can just cook up overnight.”

In fact, he likened this wait to what fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise saw when the release of GTA V came out quite a while after GTA IV. He pointed out that this was a necessary move for Rockstar to take the time to really build the game into what the players wanted and could thoroughly enjoy even a few years after release. Pitchford says that like Rockstar, Gearbox wants to get Borderlands 3 right. “I think we need to figure this out and do it right. So we’re going to work on it, and we’re not going to announce anything until we think we have something worthy of announcing – and then we’ll set expectations on that.”

And speaking of expectations, Randy says that he doesn’t want to set expectations too early, “the only expectation that should be set right now is, ‘man, it’d be nice if there was another game, and I hope Gearbox is working on it.'” With that said, it does seem like Borderlands 3 will be worth the wait, especially with the extra time since Borderlands 2 in 2012.

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