The Best Rewards of Any Game Studio Go to Blizzard Employees

Blizzard Devs Get Swag for Years of Service

There’s a certain stigma attached to video game companies for the way employees get laid off. Though it’s not true in most cases, it’s no secret that game devs often depart unceremoniously for one of many things that can go awry. At Blizzard, however, they reward employees for their years of service, and they do so with what might be some of the best swag of all time.

Diablo Anniversary

In order to properly induct members into their order of veterans, the Blizzard Service Awards were started in 1996. Employees receive different rewards depending on their milestones: 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20 consecutive years of service lead to the following rewards:

2 years of service merits a stein, a practical piece of art that lets you drink and put your fandom on display.

5 years of service gets your a freaken sword. Yes! A sword! And they come in different styles, all of which are awesome.

After 10 years, Blizzard employees receive a complimentary shield that, admittedly, can serve various purposes. But, you might just decide to put it on display with your sword. How many people can do that?

15 years later, you get a nice ring that looks cool and marks you as a veteran. They come in male and female variations that signify new levels of respect.

Finally, after 20 years, the devout members of the Order of Blizzard receive a swaggerific helmet. And there’s no denying, it looks awesome.

As of yet, there’s no reward for 15 years of service. But we may be coming to that point soon. Time will tell who is the elder Blizzard vet.