Devolver Digital’s ‘Absolver’ Kicks to the top of Steam Charts

Looks Like Devs Got Something Right with Martial Arts & Multiplayer

Sloclap was on to something special when they revealed their shared-world melee combat game, Absolver, and Devolver Digital knew it. This week, Absolver launched as their biggest title debut yet, bringing new success to the indie publisher.


Despite a launched beleaguered by a few bugs and server issues, Absolver has gained critical acclaim for its new take on fighting games. Players travel the world learning new techniques, challenging new opponents and building their knowledge toward becoming the best among an online playerbase. That playerbase has quickly soared to great heights, with Devolver tracking an estimated 30,000 concurrent users on Steam and PS4.

Furthermore, according to SteamSpy, the game has become the no.1 trending title on the PC platform. Over 85,000 players have been counted. For $29.99, many fans of the genre seem more than willing to give it a try. Now that Absolver’s initial bugs have been corrected in the latest patch, there’s room to grow beyond 30,000 concurrent players. The question is: will it?

If you have yet to play Absolver, you are more than welcome to check out our review. Learn about how Sloclap mashed adventure and multiplayer in one compelling title. And as always, check back for more news, reviews, and updates.

Happy gaming.