The Evil Within 2 Will Offer Players a More Customized Experience Than Before

Tailor How You Want to Play in The Evil Within 2

Staying alive in The Evil Within 2 isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but new details about its upgrade system should make the nightmare experience a tab bit easier. In a blog post, Bethesda goes in depth with the upcoming survival horror game’s new player progression system, which sounds much deeper than the original game.


Fans of The Evil Within should already be familiar with Green Gel. Collecting lots of gel meant upgrading lead character Sebastian’s abilities and weapons. Green Gel is still an important commodity in the sequel but this time around, Green Gel won’t have an effect on weapons anymore. Instead, players will pick up Weapon Parts in order to enhance their arsenal.

“The world of The Evil Within 2 is full of possibilities,” says Game Director John Johanas. “With some of the larger stages we’ve created, we’re opening Union up to the players’ wishes and unique playstyles. Through the layout of the world, as well as the crafting and customization systems in the game, we’re providing you with the freedom to take on the challenges in front of you however you choose.”

Customizing Sebastian is broken down into five categories: health, stealth, combat, recovery, and athleticism. This allows players to tailor Sebastian’s abilities to their own play style. For example, upgrading the health tree means having a larger life gauge or even surviving an attack that would otherwise kill you. Investing in the combat tree will increase melee attacks or unlock an ability called Bullet Cascade which will temporarily increase shooting damage with each shot.

The Evil Within 2

On the weapon side of things, players can customize their weapons for more firepower, ammo capacity, reload time and fire rate. The Warden Crossbow, however, has its own set of upgrades such as increasing its range, decreasing the time it takes to fully aim, and changing the parameters for different bolts. Also in The Evil Within 2 is a deep crafting system for your weapons. You’ll now be able to craft ammo for weapons you use the most using items gathered around Union, meaning you know longer have to rely on the ammo you pick up in the world. These items can be turned into ammunition or healing supplies at workbench stations scattered around Union.

The Evil Within 2 is out Friday, October 13th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is in development by Tango Gameworks, who made the first game under the supervision of Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami.

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