Telltale’s Batman Season 2 Begins Today with Episode One: The Enigma

No Official Word Yet on the Release Date for Second Episode

Fans of Telltale’s take on the Caped Crusader can rejoice today as the game’s Season 2 officially begins today as its first episode, The Enigma, drops for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. If you felt the game’s Season 1 could have benefitted from an intellectual joust or two with the Riddler, then Season 2 has got your covered as Edward Nigma makes his menacing debut here.

Batman: The Enigma

Telltale says that the new season is aimed to be accessible for returning and new players, but with consequences from players’ choices in the first season to ripple through and affect things here. We reviewed this first episode and found it to Telltale’s run with the iconic comic book character to continue to impress as the story and voice acting remain top notch while it gets slightly hampered by some poor puzzle design.

The Riddler is reimagined here as a returning blight to Gotham City who used gruesome puzzles to terrorize the city. He’s voiced brilliantly by Robin Atkin Downes while Troy Baker continues to own Batman’s visage in this series. One of the best things of the first season was watching how Telltale took classic pillars of the Batman mythos and subverting our expectations. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see that with the treatment of the characters this season.

batman: the enemy within

Currently, Telltale has not yet specified a release date for episode 2 of Batman: The Enemy Within. As soon as an official announcement is made, we’ll dispatch some wayward bats to let you all know.