Splatoon 2 Players Enraged after Mayo Beats Ketchup in Splatfest

Nintendo Servers Come under Major Critique

The battle of the condiments took center stage in Splatoon 2‘s latest Splatfest. This time around, it was ketchup vs mayo, and mayo came out on top. The results were announced last night, August 5th, with the Japan tally being mayo 2 vs Ketchup’s 1. The count would ultimately be determined by votes, solo battles, and team battles.

Splatoon 2

It’s no surprise Mayo won in Japan, the condiment seeing widespread use in the country. Furthermore, it tastes different than in the west. But that’s beside the point. Elsewhere, in North American, New Zealand, and Australia, Ketchup was people’s preferred condiment. Of the votes counted, 73% selected ketchup. Nevertheless, mayo somehow ended up winning the majority of Splatoon 2 team battles and solo battles. This is where the ketchup lovers get hostile.

According to players, the Nintendo of America serves recurrently pitted ketchup players against other ketchup players, thereby ruining the spirit of the contest. Furthermore, they believe it contributed to mayo’s ultimate victory. Which is preposterous when the majority of players will testify to the superiority of ketchup.

Aside from the purpose of proving ketchup is better, hopefully, Nintendo of America will take steps to improve server matchmaking. We’ll see where future Splatfests lead and what other condiments go head to head. Maybe ranch will be in there at some point. We’ll see.

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