Shovel Knight’s King Knight DLC Will Make Its Royal Debut at PAX West

Beware Decandent Dandys, Here Comes King Knight

Shovel Knight fans will want to make time at PAX West this year as Yacht Club will be showcasing the upcoming King Knight DLC. For those keeping score, King Knight’s DLC will be the fourth available campaign for the retro 2D platformer that has earned a mountain of praise since its release in 2014. Early adopters of Shovel Knight reaped plenty of free quality DLC campaigns that would have been sold by most other developers.

Shovel knight King Knight

The generous Yacht Club released the news on its Twitter as shown below:

From that Tweet, the company also relayed some extra information regarding the upcoming DLC. Firstly, it’ll skip this month’s Gamescom and debut at PAX West instead. While the game is reportedly still in active development, they noted that a release in 2018 is still a possibility.

Last year, the generous developer put out a quick teaser for the King Knight campaign below:

King Knight was my first boss that I’d usually knock out when playing Shovel Knight and I liked his kingly persona despite not being an actual king. Each of the DLC campaigns have had their own iterations of the base game, and I’m curious to see what King Knight will bring to the table.