New Shadow of War Trailer Comes with Blinged-Out Orcs Straight Outta Mordor

Well, if this isn’t the flashiest Orc Bunch

Middle-Earth Shadow of War is a very big game, and that’s becoming more obvious with every piece of new content revealed. Monolith Studios is expanding the world, the Nemesis System, and the sandbox. There’s a lot more you can do. over the first installment, and fighting against rival orc tribes is among the most satisfying.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War 1280

Warner Bros just revealed a new trailer showcasing the mayhem wrought by the Marauder tribe, another unique group of orcs that characterize Mordor’s murderous hordes. Each tribe has a unique personality to put on display, and this new one might surprise you. With a knack for pillaging, the Marauders have the most fun when dividing the spoils over a drink. Watch their full display below:

The previous showcase for Middle-Earth Shadow of War came with the unique Terror Tribe. According to Warner Bros and Monolith studios, there will be various orc collectives in the game that make for interesting interactions and rivalries. But there’s plenty more to see; you can get started with our focused article: “The Top Five Things We Love about Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.”

Along with the gigantic orc ecosystem, there’s an elaborate economy in the game that you can learn more about here. Additional modes of play include a competitive online mode in which players can lay siege to personal fortresses.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War arrives October 10 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game will support 4K visuals on the Xbox One X. Stay tuned for more news and updates as we near release.

SOURCE: Press Release