Every Orc Gets a Story in Middle-Earth Shadow of War – New ‘Orc Tales’ Trailer

Sauron’s Minions Will Say Good Things about You or Curse You

In MiddleEarth: Shadow of Mordor, players might remember how multiple interactions with the same orc would lead to a relationship based on the results. Alternatively, orcs would react to Talion based on the reputation’s he’d garnered up to their point of meeting. In Middle-Earth Shadow of War, it looks as if Talion’s interactions with each orc develops into a unique backstory if said orc survives.

Shadow of War Top 2

Thanks to the latest trailer, “Orc Tales,” we get a glimpse into how Talion leaves a mark on individual enemies found throughout the Mordor ecosystem. As the name suggests, each character has a positive or negative tale to tell about the main character. Catch it down below:

Furthermore, orc tales in Shadow of War facilitate more personal interactions between Talion and the orcs. Now that we’ll see large battles waged between the hordes of Mordor, it looks like players can develop actual relationships with the characters. While these did exist in the first game, there was very little depth. But, it looks like Monolith took these features and cranked them up to eleven.

Middle-Shadow of War arrives October 10 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Once the Xbox One X arrives, players will be able to enjoy it in 4K. Recently revealed trailers also include monsters you’ll be facing, different orc tribes, and the online mode. But you can be sure there will be more on the road to October.