Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Monsters Revealed in Madly Intense Gamescom Trailer

See More of What Monolith Studios Is Bringing to the Table

Straight out of the pre-Gamescom show, Microsoft was host to a brand-new trailer for Middle-Earth Shadow of War. As we all know, the game is going to see major enhancements on the Xbox One X. In what will be one of the most stunning console games of the year, we’ll be seeing plenty of Lord of the Rings beasts tagging along for the ride.

Shadow of War Top 2

The new trailer for Shadow of War finally shows us what the initial reveal promised, and that is a Balrog. Alongside what will likely be one of the game’s greatest foes, there’s an entire host of monsters the player can control. A variety of Caragors to ride will once again make travel easy. Additionally, the return of trolls will help you trample more orcs that get in your way. However, there’s likely still more we haven’t seen. But among the new and fun things we shall witness is the ability to command flying beasts.

Furthermore, the Xbox One X will soon be available for pre-order. As mentioned, Warner Bros. and Monolith have partnered with Microsoft. This has led to two bundles that see the Xbox One X bundled with a copy of Shadow of War. One is for 500G and the other comes with 1TB. Hence, if are looking to get both the new game and console, the new bundle may be ideal for you. Find them in stores this Fall.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War hits Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 10. For a better look at what lies in store, you can watch the latest trailer below. Enjoy.