Xcom 2’s Purifier, Priest, and Spectre Units Are Here to Make Players Rage

New Advent Units Promise an Increasingly Difficult Game

Xcom has a legacy of being difficult to beat. It’s probably why devs decided that humanity’s defeat in the first game would be canon. Now, the likelihood of dying has increased thanks to the upcoming War of the Chosen expansion.

Xcom 2

Firaxis has already introduced War of the Chosen’s boss enemies in the form of the Hunter, Warlock, and Assassin. However, today they’re introducing new enemy ground units in the form of the Purifier, Priest, and Spectre. Despite the fact that they’re not bosses, it looks like they will still make the player’s life hell.

The purifier is a special advent unit equipped with a flamethrower. He is Advent’s answer to The Lost, damaging enemies in a line with fire damage, thereby forcing the player to disperse his units. Following, we have the priest who brings back an ability from Enemy Unknown. From what the trailer tells us, he can use his psionic abilities to take control of enemy units and make them more powerful. The similarity between these two units is that they’re vulnerable. If you shoot the Purifier, his tank may explode. And if you take out the priest while he’s in control of an ally, both enemies will die.

Where things get tricky is with the Spectre. This class literally because unkillable if he decides to transform into a cloud; moreover, he can completely take control of your units. See what I’m talking about in the new trailer below.

Now that Firaxis has increased the enemy roster, the game may require a bit more strategy on the player’s part. Fortunately, we still got the new Reaper, Skirmisher, and Templar units to help fight the new war. Stronger units are coming to both sides, so you can expect a different game once War of the Chosen Arrives.

Are you looking forward to the new content coming to Xcom 2? What are your thoughts on the new alien classes? Tell us what you think in the comments below.