Punk Band PUP Has an Interactive FMV-Style Music Video

Relive the Glory Days of FMV-Style Gaming With a Much Better Soundtrack

Remember FMV-style games? The acting was always a little off, the video quality seemed worse and controls were sub-optimal. Great games, though. Canadian punk band PUP has just released a new music video which doubles as an interactive FMV experience.

PUP FMV-Style Music Video

Okay, so you don’t need lightning-fast reflexes or anything, but that tangy taste of player agency is still pretty potent. I won’t go into crazy amounts of detail, but this feels like a legit FMV game, albeit not a full-featured one. You can almost picture stumbling upon this in some arcade, right next to a partially-working copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Plus the music is great, so there’s that. Even the player HUD feels like something designed in the mid-90s.

For best results, you’re gonna want to play through this on the desktop or mobile site, as you need annotations active. Good luck getting the band through this series of trials, and have fun! Side note, does anyone remember the old Demolition Man game? How about Area 51? Truly a remarkable period in gaming history.