PS4 Firmware Update Will Let Players Stream from Twitch at 1080p 60 Fps

Changes Designed to Improve PS4 pro User-Friendliness

With the upcoming firmware update for the PS4 Pro, the console will let players stream from Twitch at 1080p resolution and 60 frame rates per second. According to Sony, this is just part of a series of changes to let players share content across the platform, specifically, to “encourage more sharing of content and more interactions.”

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Twitcher streaming is just the latest addition to 1080p sharing on the Pro. Currently, the console allows for Shareplay and Remote Play in 1080p. Twitch sharing is exclusive to update 5.0, however, and arriving alongside a myriad of other changes.

According to Eurogamer, the PS4 Pro update will bring a series of improvements. These include the addition of a new quick menu which eliminates the need to go back to your home screen for notifications. All you need to do is access a pop and drop menu that lets you see and manage notifications as well as view uploads/downloads.

Interestingly, in social media-like fashion, the new firmware update will also allow players to follow other users. This means you don’t have to fill up your friends list in order to get updates. Follow anyone you want, no friend request needed. Anything you or a followed user shares thus gets broadcasted to followers. That said, players can allow or disallow¬†followers. Decide whether you only want existing friends to follow you or block other users altogether.

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Furthermore, Firmware update 5.0 will add a new feature that lets owners manage sub-accounts. In family-friendly fashion, primary accounts will be able to set parental controls, and there can be more than one adult/guardian account. This way, parents decided the privileges of other users on the PS4 and limit or free access to specific content. Additionally, requests can be sent by other PS4 users to join the same family.

There are more changes coming to the PS4 Pro, such as support for new languages:¬†Czech, Thai, Greek, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Romanian and Hungarian. As of yet, we don’t know when firmware update 5.0 will arrive. Apparently, it’s meant to launch alongside a revamped PlayStation app. Sony is focusing on improved design and streamlined performance. Expect official updates as they come our way. Until then,

Happy gaming.