Pokemon Go Third Generation May Be Right Around the Corner

Plus More Info on New Items and Gameplay Changes Coming to Pokemon Go

News and updates surrounding Pokemon Go as of late have been hit and miss. For every new Legendary Pokemon added (see Mewtwo news) there’s been lots of restrictions in place that have been controversial amongst fans. Exclusive Raid Battles, nerfed raid rewards, it isn’t sitting well with the majority. However, a recent finding may give the game a needed boost once more.

Pokemon Go Mewtwo

Thanks to data mining efforts from the community for patch 0.71.0, 135 new Pokemon have been uncovered within the code. That’s the exact amount of new Pokemon that was introduced in the third generation of games (Saffire, Ruby, and Emerald), which means Niantic is getting them ready for an inevitable launch. Additionally, 73 new candy families are included from Treecko to Deoxys. Previously, when the second generation of Pokemon was discovered in the code, they were released approximately three months later. Could we be seeing something similar here as well? Gen 3 has more Pokemon than Gen 2 so it possibly could take more time.

Other information found in the update is the long-rumored “Super Incubator” item that apparently can hatch eggs faster than the standard ones. There are also changes made for more Ditto appearances, shinies, and preparation for the Exclusive Raid Battles which should be launching soon. You can check out the rest of the post here for more info.

Pokemon Go fans are still waiting on promised features such as trading, peer-to-peer battling, a better tracking system and more. We expect Niantic has a lot on its plate right now but it is encouraging to see that the game certainly isn’t going away if they keep with regular updates like this.

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