PlayStation 4 Sales Tumble for the First Quarter of 2017

PlayStation 4 Sales Drop

It’s not very often we publish bad news for PlayStation 4 fans. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago where we were talking about how the PS4 Pro boosted console sales. The latest earnings report for Sony is in and the news isn’t great for the company. The report details sales for its PlayStation 4 console for the Q1 fiscal year of 2017, which starts on April 1st, 2017 and ends on June 30th, 2017.

PS4 pro

The report reveals that Sony managed to ship 3.3 million units during Q1. This is a slight decline from the same period last year when it shipped 3.5 million units. A dip is bound to eventually happen but surprising considering all the amazing AAA games Sony has dropped so far this year.

According to Sony, this was due to the lack of a “highly profitable first party titles”. Last year saw the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End in this period. Sony has adjusted its forecast for the rest of 2017’s fiscal year, noting that it expects 18 million units shipped this year versus last year’s 20 million units shipped. The total number of PS4 units shipped thus far in its lifetime is around 63.3 million.

Despite the drop in PS4 sales, the Games and Network division saw an increase in sales by 5.4 percent year on year thanks to PlayStation VR and digital game sales. Sales for PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR haven’t been provided as of yet.

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