Cool Anime-Looking Necrobarista Is Heading to Switch

Nintendo Switch’s Indie Library Continues to Grow

Melbourne-based indie developer, Route 59, has revealed that their upcoming anime-looking barista game, Necrobarista, where the dead returns for another cup of Joe, is coming to Nintendo Switch. Gematsu reported that the developers are still unsure of whether the Switch port will share the same release date with the PC version. No word on whether it’ll come with some new perks either. They’re also flirting with the idea of bringing the visual novel game to PS4 as well.


Besides that, the developers also announced that there will be Simplified and Traditional Chinese language options for the game in addition to the English version.


Not too much is known about the game beyond the slick announcement trailer above. Unlike another indie game, VA-11 Hall-A, a cyberpunk bartender game which has you serving drinks and hearing slivers of stories from your odd patrons, Necrobarista does seem to let you explore your workplace. Either way, it’s great to see more offbeat indie titles come to the Nintendo Switch which is on the path to succeeding the PS VIta as the next “indie station”.

If you’re a fan of 90’s anime aesthetic, then this game is one to watch.

Source: Gematsu