Wildly Ambitious MMORPG Dual Universe up to $7.4 Million in Private Funding

Single-Shard MMO Dual Universe Getting Alpha Release Later This Year

Most Kickstarter games tend to have some pretty big dreams dragging behind them. Dual Universe, an enormous MMORPG being developed by Novaquark, is no exception. However, with $7.4 million kicking around, maybe they can realize their ambitions after all?

Dual Universe

The premise behind this project is a virtual sci-fi civilization wherein players can make anything they can imagine. Potential activities range from “digging a hole” to building things like space ships and orbital stations. So, a wide range of stuff to do, then. Novaquark is anticipating a host of player-driven systems including trade, warfare, construction and politics. Allegedly, this ‘single-shard’ business means that all of these things are happening for every player in the same universe. Again, these are some big dreams.

Funding for the game jumped from 3.7 to 7.4 million dollars this week, which sounds like an awful lot of money until you remember that Star Citizen exists. While there’s no guarantee that more cash will make an actual game out of this, an Alpha release at least means that backers will see something for their money before the sun burns out. You’ve still an opportunity to dump some money into this project if all this sounds appealing to you. Fingers crossed that we see this enormous game blossom into something legitimate before the end of the year.

SOURCE: Press Release

  • Malakie

    The problem with games like this is it gets boring having to build everything just to enjoy it. Additionally, many people are not ‘artists’ and while that is fine, people that are not creative are no inclined to spend all the time needed to make something worth playing.

    If I am going to spend my money, I am spending on something already created and playable for my enjoyment. Not something I have to also spend my time creating something just to do something.