KFC Virtual Reality Training Game is Raw, Finger-Licking Horror

Virtual Chicken, Real Nightmares

Look, everyone already knows that working in fast food is an inherently unpleasant experience. There was no need to make it worse with a sinister escape room simulation. Yet the KFC virtual reality training program still exists. Have we learned nothing?

KFC Virtual Reality

Everything about this is weird. VR isn’t cheap. Like, at all. Did a whole bunch of Oculus Rift systems go missing recently? Is this a clever combo marketing ploy from Oculus and KFC? The simulation takes a scant 10 minutes to complete, as opposed to the 25 minutes required in real life. Along the way, the Colonel barks instructions through a loudspeaker. You can’t leave the bizarre little chamber until the task is complete. It all resembles actual nightmares I’ve had that are definitely not based on previous work experience.

You can check out a preview of the whole video below. The proper experience is allegedly for employees only, though I can’t imagine actually playing through this inspires anything like exclusivity. There must be an easier way to teach people how to make chicken.