Issues at Launch Are Making It Difficult for the New FPS ‘LawBreakers’ to Be Gravity-Defying

LawBreakers Is Having a Busy Launch, and for All the Wrong Reasons 

LawBreakers, the new gravity-defying first person shooter, has launched today, bringing the unprecedented idea of true vertical combat into the homes of many. And while this should be an exciting day for all those who have been anticipating the new game, unfortunately the launch has been met with its fair share of problems already!

Lawbreakers LawBreakers Final Open Beta

The new game from Boss Key Studios and Cliff Bleszinski, the designer of Gears of War, is available on both the PC and PlayStation 4, although thankfully for PC players, it is only the PS4 version having issues. Throughout the day multiple players have reported issues for the console version, including freezing of the screen, and small glitches. Although the hitches do not last long, they are enough to break up the gameplay and subsequently causing a hindrance for players in the frantic competitive shooter.

Even though these issues are rearing their ugly heads on the very first day, Boss Key Studios and Nexon, the publisher, are aware of the problems and have been looking to fix them. A tweet from Boss Key suggests that the problem centers around the change roles and leave match functions of the game. You can check out the tweet below.

Many players are reporting that the hitching occurs at different times than just changing roles and/or leaving the game, although perhaps the problem occurs when anyone in the lobby does either thing. Arjan Brussee, COO of Boss Key Studios, was quick to announce his frustration, retweeting the original tweet with his official statement.

Prior to this statement Brussee responded to a question about the problem stating, “We broke something (showed only after we unlocked everything) and thought we fixed it. Accelerating hotfix patch process.” So far there is no estimated time of the fix, although it’s likely we will see a patch drop soon!

If you haven’t heard much about LawBreakers, it is a first person shooter that centres around vertical, in-air combat, allowing for easy multidirectional movement and an innovative movement system. Think Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, times 10. The new fps allows players to choose between nine different roles, on eight gravity-defying maps, and five game modes in high-intensity multiplayer fights that will challenge first person shooter veterans. It’s available now on the PS4 and PC, for $30 USD.

Are you experiencing these problems? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!