Immortal Unchained Revealed at Gamescom; Dark Sci-Fi Never Looked So Good

RPG and Shooter Combine in Gritty Sci-Fi

Today, publisher Sold Out and developer Toadman Interactive have revealed their gorgeous new IP. Set in a dark sci-fi environment, Immortal Unchained provides a blend of third-person action shooter and hardcore RPG. If either genre suits you, you may want to look into this upcoming action game.

Immortal Unchained

By blending firearms and melee, devs have created a new strategic mode of gameplay. Sometimes taking opponents from a distance isn’t as effective as getting up close and personal. The combination also ensure’s there’s never a dull moment. With fierce enemies and tough boss fights, learning how to utilize combat styles is part of the fun.

Furthermore, if the trailer is anything to go by, the aesthetics of the game will cater to your sci-fi sensibilities. A certain grittiness in conjunction with outer space imagery promises worthwhile exploration. And you can be sure that exploration will factor heavily into Immortal Unchained ‘s gameplay. Catch a peek in the video below:

Immortal: Unchained is a fresh new take on the hardcore RPG genre,” explains Sarah Hoeksma, Marketing Director of Sold Out in a press release. “We wanted to craft an intriguing story and strategic combat system to set ourselves apart from the other titles out there. The game is certainly not for the faint-hearted, and we’re eager to share it with those who are brave enough to check it out at Gamescom.”

Immortal Unchained is coming for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in Q2 of 2018. Featuring writers from Battlefield 1 and The Witcher, the game offers mystery as the player character awakens with amnesia. Trying to piece together his past, he discovers other characters that help him make sense of the impending apocalypse. But whether or not they’re helping you or serving their own goals is another question.

Look forward to more news and updates on the game as it arrives. Additionally, stay tuned for more news and hands-on impressions coming out of Gamescom.

SOURCE: Press Release