Heading Back to School This Fall? Why Not SteelSeries?

SteelSeries Offering a Student Discount Along With New Products to Make Going Back to School Even Harder

Going back to school comes with a host of pressures and responsibilities that only grow more intense as you climb the ranks. Why not make that pressure slightly worse, by decking out your PC with some badass gaming gear? Gaming gear that also glows in a rainbow of vibrant colours? SteelSeries has some hot new products that juuuuuust happen to be out while a student discount is in effect. Sure, you’ve got hordes of assignments and tests on the horizon, but winding down is also important. What could be more relaxing than total domination in Overwatch, League of Legends, Dota 2 or PUBG? Nothing, clearly.

Rival 310 Gaming Mouse:

Whether you’re mining for memes, gaming or actually doing work, you’re going to need a mouse. This one is suited to all those tasks and more, plus it glows! Featuring the “world’s first true 1 to 1 esports sensor,” the 310 is built from the ground up for gaming. Which, again, you won’t have time for this fall.

SteelSeries Back to School

Qck Prism RGB Mousepad:

This one plugs into your computer for no other reason than to get that glow happening. Don’t be fooled by all that ostentatious nonsense, though. This thing is proper slick. You don’t know how valuable a good mouse pad is until you actually have one. The Qck comes with two surface types to choose from, one that’s faster and one that’s more accurate. You know, so you do can do research for all those papers with blinding speed and precision.

SteelSeries Back to School

Stratus XL Wireless Controller:

Yes, the purists will claim the keyboard/mouse combo is all you need for playing games. If you’re like me though, raised on consoles, then this is an excellent investment. Allegedly this one is compatible with at least a thousand PC/Android games already, though some indie titles will probably not work as hoped. If you’ve got Bluetooth set up on your desktop (and you should), the wireless functionality is also a plus.

SteelSeries Back to School

Arctis 5 Gaming Headset:

This one comes in two colours, black and white. Also it glows, of course. You’ve got all the functions one needs for gaming on either PC or the appropriate console. Keep in contact with your teammates! Curse out your enemies! Loudly proclaim your love for Taylor Swift to everyone on the chat channel! The headset also comes with stickers for some reason. Maybe you’re worried they don’t look tacky enough?


These products might not help your grades any, but at least your computer desk will look really cool. Stay tuned for detailed reviews of all these products in the coming weeks!

SOURCE: Press Release