The First Big Fortnite Event, “Survive the Storm,” Is Coming August 29th

New Fortnite Event Is Limited-Time Only

An all-new survival mode is coming to Fortnite next week but it will only be around for a limited time. The “Survive the Storm” update also brings special mutant storms with various challenges and rewards, new weapons, heroes, and more.

You can see the new mode in action in the “Survive the Storm” trailer above. Below is a more a breakdown of what players can expect when the update goes live on Tuesday, August 29th:

Survive The Storm Mode
This limited-time mode will test even the most prepared Commander. Gather resources during the day while battling increasingly more difficult threats every night.

Mutant Storms
Limited-time Storms have modifiers like enraged husks or limited health. Survive these Storms and players can earn some special loot.

Hydraulic Weapon Set
Introducing the hydraulic weapon set. Scavenged from the industrial yards of Plankerton, and rebuilt into husk-destroying machines, these nine high-impact weapons can only be acquired by earning tickets as players complete mutant storms.

And More!
Epic’s also added new heroes and defenders along with a host of performance enhancements and brand new art for the Canny Valley Outpost.

Fortnite Survive the Storm Fortnite Survive the Storm

Fortnite is still a work-in-progress so to speak and is currently in Early Access for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Since it’s Early Access launch last month, Epic Games has been updating the game relentlessly based on fan feedback and community engagement.

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SOURCE: Press Release